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Customer Profiles

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SurveillanceGRID specializes in offering IP based solutions that become planable appliances on the network and can be configured and designed to operate over a worldwide footprint.

Customer Profile for Enterprise Wind River Customer Profile

All the benefits of video surveillance, access control and building protection and automation are available to the business of all sizes at affordable prices. Technology and IP technology deliver solutions at a fraction of the cost of what was available to businesses in the recent past. SurveillanceGRID brings those open systems alternatives to the consumer and provides help in assessing needs and picking the right solution for each business.

Customer Profiles for Small and Medium Business Silicon Valley Physical Fitness and Therapy Centers Customer Profile

By offering a comprehensive suite of fixed and wireless solutions for the solar and alternative energy industry, SurveillanceGRID solution’s meet the stringent requirements that power plants require such as; flexibility, scalability, affordability and predictability that is needed to efficiently and effectively secure alternative energy assets.

Customer Profile for PV Solar and Alternative Energy

SurveillanceGRID offers solutions that span integrated management and escalation policies to tactical, covert and fixed infrastructure video and voice solutions. These solutions are built on the latest and most popular open system technology available today. Our solutions may include wireless video surveillance network coverage of building perimeters, public office buildings, city parks, courtyards, malls, event venues and where ever added security is most needed allowing law enforcement officials to combat crime cost-effectively.

Customer Profiles for Law Enforcement and Municipalities

Video surveillance is without question a powerful tool for public safety and security and with the increased need to do more with less many communities are turning to video surveillance technology to cost effectively protect people, property and to control access.

Customer Profiles for Gated Communities, Multi-Residence and High-End Residential