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Protecting PV Power Plants with OVER 400 MW at 230 Sites Under Surveillance

Alternative Energy & Solar Solutions

Whether you need remote solar power for perimeter security or communications devices, emergency back-up power for surveillance cameras, a daytime power bridge for gang-switched light poles, easy access to existing AC power from a light pole or to power multiple POE-equipped devices, SurveillanceGrid provides power solutions for continuous, reliable outdoor power generation and power connectivity.

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Strategic Partnership

In partnership with via:sys Secure Solar, SurveillanceGrid delivers seamless industry leading surveillance solutions coupled with intelligent video content analysis applications backed by an experienced proven design and deployment service aimed at protecting solar energy power plants. viasys video analytic technology combined with SurveillanceGrid’s proven experience in building secure systems, delivers superior coverage, performance, and economy for today’s increasingly demanding solar and energy power plants.

By combining solar technology, video surveillance and networking systems SurveillanceGrid solutions can operate autonomously for months and even years. Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce your capital expenditures by installing a solar power solution instead of running power cables to power your remote applications.

To accelerate time to market, SurveillanceGrid offers a comprehensive suite of professional services providing operators with streamlined and simplified program management from planning to deployment. Our in depth knowledge and expertise in end-to-end services can prove critical for ensuring a high quality network – one capable of delivering your evolving business objectives. We serve as your single source for all services with every step fully integrated to ensure quality, cost-efficient installation, and service delivery, as well as enabling hassle-free ongoing operation.

  • Total program management
  • Network design, development & integration
  • Technical market analysis & business planning
  • Site acquisition, design & planning
  • Installation, testing & optimization
  • Design & configuration of surveillance application
  • Fully integrated solution for optimized efficiency
    & delivery


  • Huge reference base with deployments world wide
  • End to end protection from detection to response
  • 24/7 protection, no blind spots, no time unguarded
  • Accepted and recommended by leading insurance companies


  • Professional monitoring services for emergency response
  • Seamless Security℠ solutions that integrate communications, networking and video systems
  • High end technology, proven experience and professional services
  • Detection and remote verification of alarms provides real time event notification
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