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Public Safety

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Public Safety Solutions

The new landscape in American municipalities is clearly being shaped by the brutal fiscal conditions. Cities of all sizes across America are experiencing a budget crisis leaving many city services such as law enforcement and firefighters vulnerable to budget cuts. In an era of such severe economic uncertainty many forward thinking municipalities are looking towards technology to extend their city services and provide law enforcement/first responders with effective tools to better serve and protect their communities.

Wired and wireless networks of cameras and sensors are helping officers, and first responders, respond more quickly and safely to incidents by allowing situational awareness of events in real time, vehicle license recognition, object left behind, and facial identification.

Each public safety organization has unique needs, depending on the facility budget, building layout, location and methods of operation. SurveillanceGrid listens to our customers, keeping abreast of industry trends, and maintaining a strong partnerships with technology leaders, we can provide a range of options so our clients can select the technologies that are most practical and cost effective.

SurveillanceGrid solutions allow Police/Fire Departments and public safety officials to roll out new applications such as a license plate recognition systems as an effective tool to prevent and fight crime. By implementing affordable, cutting-edge wireless surveillance solutions. SurveillanceGrid’s wireless camera technology has provided cities across the country with a secure and scalable network that meets public safety and budgetary requirements.

SurveillanceGrid integrates, designs and deploys public safety and security technologies that protect people and property, efficiently, and effectively.

Innovative, Reliable, Affordable, Scalable

SurveillanceGrid's public safety solutions are recognized worldwide for their ease of installation, reliability, and high performance networks. Public safety and law enforcement applications include:

  • License plate recognition (LPR)
  • Wireless high speed data network
  • High resolution IP video surveillance
  • Access control
  • Site monitoring
  • Mobile solutions
  • Facial recognition
  • VoIP

City-wide video surveillance and mobile solutions are quickly becoming an invaluable tool for local law enforcement and emergency management around the world. 1 (800) 528-8184.