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PSIM Technologies

Physical Security Information Management, or PSIM, is the rapidly growing technology that marries, physical security device management with the automation and reasoning capabilities of computing. SurveillanceGrid PSIM solutions are designed and optimized to integrate and analyze information from disparate physical security devices and systems, applied security policies, and present the necessary alerts and alarms to automatically or manually resolve the situation in real time.

The ability of PSIM technology to provide a complete view of a security incident enables responders to have total situational awareness, which allows them to understand the event quickly and respond more effectively.

SurveillanceGrid designs intelligent building systems that focus on security management. Our solutions creates intelligent buildings by linking together disparate building systems such as access control, lighting, surveillance, and HVAC to make your site management easier. Drop us a line to talk to an expert regarding our military grade solutions.

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SurveillanceGrid's open architecture PSIM solution connects multiple existing safety and security systems into a single interface that automates notifications and interactions between systems and allows our customers to manage many systems from one intelligent interface. Video surveillance, access control, fire and security alarms, video analytics, and other security functions are all interconnected to the PSIM solution, which then reads signals from these systems and performs pre-programmed actions.