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About Us

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Our Goal

At SurveillanceGrid® we see a world on the verge of a major shift to Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This fundamental change is allowing next generation surveillance and access control systems to realize technology leaps in the public safety, small/medium business and consumer market place. These productivity gains are increasing operational effectiveness, reducing costs, and providing cost effective, secure real-time surveillance solutions. Our solutions inter-operate with other IP-enabled devices creating seamless secure systems which address the unique challenges of today's businesses, governments, public safety and residential customers.


Our approach couples high-end IP cameras, the latest access control and building automation delivered over IP based communication networks. SurveillanceGRID’s use of the latest video surveillance solutions with video analytics, VoIP, access control, day and night digital recording brings together the technologies and communications that form a scalable architectures that meets the needs of law enforcement and security personnel for their public safety and homeland security initiatives as well as meeting the requirements to protect homes and businesses around the world. SurveillanceGRID’s Seamless Security solutions deliver secure, high performance, security solution scaled to the users' requirement's and delivered at the right value and an economical price. We would like to hear from our customers. Please use this form to send us your comments.

Our Commitment To Customer Success - SurveillanceGrid is committed to giving our customers a world class premium experience so that we truly become their trusted, end-to-end security video surveillance partners. We do this by understanding our customer needs and challenges, then designing sophisticated, end-to-end, secure video surveillance systems that are simple to deploy, integrate, maintain and are cost effective.

  • Secure, Simple, Seamless Security.
  • Access Any TIme, Where, Device.
  • Installation, testing & optimization.
  • Security that moves with our customers.

Our new security system provides analytics, and valuable audit trails, while the access control system provides real security and a means to reduce cost which in the future opens the door to generate new streams of revenue for the fitness center.

Todd Jones, Owner - Silver Creek Fitness & Physical Therapy

Experience & Expertise

Our managers and engineers have over 35 years of experience in surveillance, security and network implementations. They have expert knowledge of video, voice and IP data networks and have developed network architectures and best practices that not only minimize costs but also adapt for future needs and opportunities. Our IP-based solutions enable easy integration with VoIP and other advanced surveillance applications. This framework enables service providers to bring new services to the market faster, realize new revenue opportunities, and minimize integration costs.
  • Network design, development & integration.
  • Site acquisition, design & planning.
  • Installation, testing & optimization.
  • Design & configuration of surveillance, access control application.
  • Total program management.

Management Team

Maria Anaya-Sumnicht
Co-Founder, Partner

Warren Hackbarth
Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Consulting Services

Technology and Systems Integration

  • Homeland Security
  • Security System Audits
  • Risk Assessment and Security Management
  • Best Practices & Training
  • National Infrastructure Protection Planning
  • Mitigation of Potential Terrorist Attacks Against Buildings
  • Disaster Response, Incident Command Planning
  • CERT Response Training
  • Special Events Contingency Planning for Public Safety Agencies
  • Hazardous Materials Prevention
  • Incident Command System for Law Enforcement



Our History

Founded in 2009, SurveillanceGrid is a premier provider of IP-surveillance systems, integrating video surveillance, access control and building automation into a Seamless Security solution that allows access and control to the user where they are.

SurveillanceGrid is a certified Veterans Administration Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business.


Warren Hackbarth - Mr. Hackbarth has over 20 years of sales and management experience in IP based integrated solutions which combine voice, data, image and networking to solve industrial problems in the commercial and government market space. He has extensive experience in computer based solution, wireless infrastructure, mobile devices and the integration of open system security solutions. Prior to founding SurveillanceGRID, Mr. Hackbarth served as Vice President of Sales for North America at AIRAYA Corp. a leading wireless technology company dedicated to delivering high performance networks for security and mission critical applications. Prior to AIRAYA, Mr. Hackbarth was with Proxim Corporation where as Vice President of Worldwide Sales led the sales team into a leadership position of the then fledging wireless LAN market space. Most recently at Proxim Wireless, the combined assets of Western Multiplex, Proxim Corporation and ORINOCO, he served as Managing Director of the Strategic Business Unit for Proxim Wireless, leading Proxim’s Converged Mobility GSM / Wi-Fi initiative in cooperation with Motorola and AVAYA. Prior to Proxim at Fujitsu Personal Systems Mr. Hackbarth was the Director of Value Integration Services where he led a rapid prototyping engineering team that integrated wireless LAN and WAN technology into Fujitsu’s industry standard mobile devices and was Director of Channel Development, where he built a VAR channel to resell Fujitsu’s leading edge mobile technology. Prior to Fujitsu, Mr. Hackbarth held various sales management positions at Wang Laboratories leading the financial business sector in Northern California and delivered highly integrated voice, data and image solutions to DOE and DOD customers and began his career at Pitney Bowes. Mr. Hackbarth holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga , CA.

Maria Anaya-Sumnicht - Maria has over 15 years of global marketing and engineering development experience in the networking industry. Besides her extensive marketing background, Maria also has an extensive knowledge of web application development, product lifecycle management, system administration, database application development, secure communications development, and project management. Prior to starting SurveillanceGRID, Maria served as Vice President of world-wide marketing at AIRAYA Corp where she developed and communicated AIRAYA’s vision and strategy, managed all aspects of product and outbound marketing, and cultivated new opportunities for AIRAYA in new and existing markets. Prior to AIRAYA, Maria was the Director of Marketing at NextWave Wireless, where she managed all aspects of market globalization, competitive analysis, product and web marketing. While at NextWave Maria led the re-branding effort at GO Networks a NextWave Wireless Company. Prior to Nextwave, Maria was a Senior Marketing and Communications Manager at Cisco, where she specialized in knowledge base systems, network security, network management, quality systems, product/solutions marketing, Web 2.0, corporate communications, channel marketing and emerging markets. During her tenure at Cisco she researched, analyzed and created detailed competitive reports and web sites that delivered critical competitive information to the Cisco Sales Force. She was responsible for the design, development and launches of multiple business unit intranet web sites and worked on the cross-functional team that launched Prior to Cisco Maria held various software engineering positions at NASA Ames Research Center at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) facility providing parallel operating system development, secure communications and data acquisition to NASA’s scientists and engineers. Maria graduated from California State University Chico with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information and Communications Systems.